Yu junmai Yu - junmai sake
Medium-bodied traditional junmai sake with elegant nose,
crisp taste and smooth finish. With fruity aromas like a green apple
and a hint of nuts giving a savory finish. Enjoy cold or warm.
Suggestion: pair with traditional Japanese or Asian inspired dishes.

2015 Los Angeles International Wine Competition
Bronze medal winner

375ml $14.49 (SKU 371419)
750ml $21.69 (SKU 371427)

Yu junmai Yu - junmai all koji sake
Full-bodied modern-styled junmai sake made with 100% rice koji.
A hint of tropical fruits in its flavour with mild acidity.
In the common sake making, the standard ratio of steamed rice and
rice koji placed in the fermentation tank is 80/20.
Our Yu junmai all koji is made only with rice koji without adding
any steamed rice. In this method, rice koji containg lots of
amino acid makes this sake mildly acidic. Best enjoyed cold (8-15 degrees).
Suggestion: drink as an aperitif or pair with seafood, poultry, pasta and vegetarian dishes.

375ml $15.49 (SKU 371369)
750ml $22.59 (SKU 371401)

Yu junmai Yu - junmai nigori sake
Medium-bodied junmai nigori sake. Moromi (mash) is only loosely
filtered to enrich aromas and "umami" from the rice.
Enjoy silky texture and fruity aroma with subtle sweetness.
Enjoy cold or warm.
Suggestion: pair with rich creamy dishes to match the milky flavour or with light flavoured dishes with high acidity to enjoy the contrast.

375ml $11.99 (SKU 371450)

Yu junmai Yu - junmai nama genshu
Unpasteurized raw junmai sake with full of melon-like
fruity aromas.
This nama genshu contans high alcohol %, but taste is very
soft, fresh and smooth. Enjoy cold.

375ml $18.49 (SKU 480913)
Note: Requires to be refrigerated.
*Hospitality customer-limited product.

Yu junmai Yu - berry sake
Yu junmai sake infused with local blueberry & rapsberry
groun in Richmond!!
The flavour of berries mathces perfectly with our sake
bringing sweetness and acidity yet still leaving smoothness and
dryness of sake. Enjoy it straight, on the rocks, with soda or
for cocktail.

375ml $20.78 (SKU 589655)

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